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How to really hide your important files

Sometimes, getting people not to see "those" files can be really hard. They keep coming across them no matter how well you attempt to hide them. Some ways we hide them is to keep them in folders with"warning names", or folders which are kept in some system directories like the windows and the program files directories.

Ever wondered how you can keep folders on your desktop and nobody can access them or even delete them?    OK. this is how.

Method 1

You can use "that black window", the command prompt to make the files hidden.
You can right click and hide it as well. But anybody can just un-hide them.
OK, we'll make them system files. This way, they cannot be seen even if the person clicks on show hidden files in folder options. Here's how...

Open command prompt and type this: attrib +r +s +h +a and type a space.

You can then drag the file and put in the window. This will place the path of the file
after the command. Press enter, and the magic happens as the file vanishes.
You can undo this by following all the steps and changing the attrib +r +s +a +h to
 attrib -r -s -a -h; Remember the order of the arguments (a, r, s, h) can change.

You can access this file/folder by entering the path in the address bar.

Method 2

Method 1 can be quite easy to overcome. One can also show system files in folder
options(control panel). Another method is to make the file truly invisible. Create a new folder
and rename it to a preferred name.  right click on it and click on properties.
choose the customize tab, then the change icon button.

This will present a set of icons
from which you can choose any design. There are a couple of folders which
are blank. choose one of these and click ok.

This hides the folder. All you see is the name. It is thus advisable to choose names
of small length. You can check how to make a folder without a name

You may also like to know how to make an undeletable file
on windows 

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