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How to change the start menu text "start" in windows xp

How to change the start menu text "start" in windows XP

How would it feel like to customize windows on your PC just as you like it? The "Start" on the taskbar doesn't always have to be start.
It can as well be your name (or any other text you want). All you have to do is get this software : Resource hacker. Those already
Complaining about paying for downloads, it's my pleasure to tell you that it is free. You can get it here. It is
a small archive that can do wonderful things. Things can go quite wrong so you first have to back up the file explorer.exe
in the windows folder.You also have to back up your registry since you will do a little change to it.

OK. let's get started. Open resource hacker.exe and click on file. Browse to the windows directory and select explorer.exe.
You should see a table like this:

Now, click the string table to expand it. Under the string table, there are different "folders". Expand folder number 37 and click on 1033,
the only value under it. You should see the image as shown below.

Where it is written "start", that is where you will enter the text you want to appear on the start menu. Do not delete the quotations (" and ").
i changed mine to "Staphy" as shown below:

Now click on Compile Script and you can now close the resource hacker.

OK! it's time for the registry. Press the windows key and press R key. This brings up the window shown below and type in
Regedit. This opens the registry editor

Browse to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Now, click on "shell" in the right part of the registry window. This brings up the dialog below. Change the writing in the "rectangle" under VALUE DATA
It should initially be explorer.exe. Change it to the new edited explorer you created as i have done and save mine as Staphy.exe.It could have been any name.exe.

What is left now is a simple restart.If everything goes well, you should see the string you used instead of start on the start menu

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