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Automatic internet settings for mtn and airtel Ghana

To get the settings for internet sent directly to your phone, you would have to send a text to the network short codes listed below. If your phone does not support automatic configuration, a message will be sent to you to notify you.

For MTN and Airtel (zain) automatic settings. Use the short codes below:

MTN                                                    686

Use your China phone as a modem

China phones come with quite some ability as well. Those using "original phones" are not the only ones who can benefit from nice phone features. One such feature is the ability to connect a china phone to your PC as a modem and browse.
This is a feature that comes with most china phones but not all. Does your phone support use as a modem? Find out by just connecting your phone using your USB to a PC. If there is a "COM PORT" option, you're good to glow, otherwise, sorry.

Now i assume your phone supports this feature. Follow the steps below to use it as a modem

Use your phone as a modem

This post shows you how to access the internet on your computer using your phone as a modem.This post concentrates on phones with a phone suite, like the Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones. On how to use a china phone as a modem, see my other post. 
O.K. let's get started.

First of all, you'll have to know the manufacturer of your phone (Whether you are using a Nokia, Siemens, or any other phone). 
The manufacturer's website should have a program with which you can connect your phone to a PC and get functions like saving contacts and browsing with your PC using your phone as a modem.

Below is a list of some popular