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Play a prank - disable desktop icons

In this trick, we are going to make the a computer user unable to click on any of his desktop icons (or so it will seem). We are going to do this by changing the background.
This will cause the user to think his computer has a problem since everything will look the same, only that he/she cannot click on his icons.

Press the print screen button (This will capture the image of the screen. You can also use any other screen capture program) Open Paint (Windows key + R)Paste the captured image into it and save it (remember not to change the size of the image, but you can crop the taskbar out to allow the use of the taskbar)

Rename the recycle bin

In this post, I'll show you how to change the name since a "simple right click and click rename" does not work on your XP. You'll have to edit the registry, so it's advisable to back up your registry first.
So let's go.

Before the tweak, my desktop was like this:

Play a prank - Prevent some programs from running

Today, i was feeling quite in the mood for some pranks so guess what i did to my friend....

I made him feel his computer had gone crazy . This is what i did. Knowing his favourite programs,
I made a little script that stops any of those programs when he runs them. Because of this, no matter which of those program he tries to run, he comes back to square. Fortunately for me, he's not the kind of person that will think of opening task manager or even starting in safe mode. the truth is even when he opens task manager, he wouldn't know what to do there.

This is how i did it. I made a list of his favourite programs and got their process names (how they appear in task manager process list).

my list was like this

Enable Hibernation on your computer

Hibernation is the state when your computer goes off without you losing any data, but saving energy. All data on the RAM is stored on the hard disk (or other media), only to be accessed and restored when the computer boots up the next time. Some computers do not have the option to hibernate. This is a simple way to get that option.

If you would prefer to stand by
(put the computer in a sleep mode for you to wake it up by moving the mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard), read my other post.