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Make pen drives perform faster and better

At times, copying files to and from our USB pen drives takes too much time and we wish we could just lift them and place on the other drive. 

There are ways to increase the speed of a USB pen drive. 

Below are a couple of them: 

The OS comes with drivers for pen drives. for increased performance, the drivers made by the pen drive manufacturers should be installed. the manufacturer's website should have the drivers for download. Also, you can optimize a pen drive for performance instead of for quick removal. To do this, 1. Open my computer (windows key + e) 2. Right click on the pen drive and click properties 3. Go to the hardware tab and double click your pen drive name 4. Click policies

Get any windows xp password

It depends on when your windows OS password was setup during or after windows setup. if it was after, follow the following steps: 

1. Start your computer in safe mode 

2. If you are not logged in automatically and still asked for a password, type ADMINISTRATOR in the username field and leave the password field empty. 

3. Press enter (or click OK - that's obvious) and you are in. 

( See my post of starting your PC in safe mode for help here)

If your password was setup during installation, or the above method does not work, follow these: 

1. Download any password recovery software. a Google search will lead you, but i recommend ophcrack. 

2. If the system is on the desktop, install the app and crack the password (read the apps documentation) 

3.If not, you can use a live CD or USB to run the program. ophcrack provides one. 

If none of these work, get a bucket of water and drop the PC into it. hahahaha, just kidding, but you can try it (@ your own risk.)

Set a screen saver in windows xp

To set a screen saver in windows XP, follow the following steps: 

1. Right click on the desktop and click on properties in the popup menu 

2.Click on the screen saver tab in the resultant window. 

Create a new partition on a hard disk drive

One may want to create partitions on a hard drive for different reasons including ability to install multiple operating systems, separate personal files from operating system files, and to hide a particular partition from access. 

To do this, follow the steps below: 
1. Open control panel (start, control panel)