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                Prompt Window

One important tool in windows that can be used for a variety of
fun things is the command prompt. It's that "black window"
that present some stuff like C:\> and a little something else.

Now, there are a couple of ways to open this prompt and get all
the goodies it comes with.

Method 1:

You can access the command prompt by clicking on run and typing
in the dialog box that appears the word cmd or cmd.exe
this opens the command prompt window

The run dialog can also be accessed by clicking the windows
key and pressing the R key alongside.

Method 2:

If you don't mind searching, you can open my computer,
open your system drive (usually C:\), Open windows folder
and double click on cmd.exe
You're done.

Method 3:

If you're feeling quite reluctant to do any of the above three,
You can open the search dialog box (Press key F3) and type
it in there. (You still have to double click it when the
related items appear)

Method 4:

This one involves the use of the task manager. Learn how to open task manager.
When task manager is open, you can run
a new task under the applications tab (or in the
file menu). Browse to the folder and click on
or type cmd.exe in the dialog that appears

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