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E-Franchise is Born

After all this while, the Electronic Voting software i had been developing is now ready for testing. I was able to implement a couple of other vote types.

I made one that would take care of cases in which you have options and the user would have to rate them in the order of preference. This is made typically to cater for cases when you might want to see the opinion of the user on which product is the most preferred or the least preferred. In E-Franchise, i dubbed this Scale of Preference.

Electronic Voting Application

Hey guys, I thought about the problems that usually crop up in paper voting and decided to implement the voting system in software. The project is ongoing but i would also like to know what functionality you would expect in your ideal electronic voting software.

Currently, the program runs the kind of voting where people stand for a particular office and one person is voted by the voters for each office (An Election).

I hopes to implements other vote kinds later. In the mean time, you can send your suggestions as to what to add or remove to make it an ideal program.

Free Word Search Puzzle App

Hey, i had some spare time during this weekend and decided to write an application. I settled down with a small puzzle. I wrote a word search puzzle with not too pretty an interface but i think its worth trying out. The interface is however customizable by either changing the look and feel, setting an image background or a color background, etc.

Meet the command prompt - The title command

Want one of the easiest commands to ever be used in the command prompt? Here it comes. The title command is very simple to use.
It takes the syntax title .

For example, i could type title format my pen drive.

All this command does is to change the title of the command prompt window in the current execution.

You might want to use this command when you have different command prompt windows open and would like to easily identify them with their titles.

When you open the command prompt window, it is given a title automatically. using this might save you time searching through all open windows to find the one you were using to change your user account information for instance.