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Delete an undeletable file

"Why won't this f*cking file just delete? I've tried everything and it's still showing here." That was me some years ago. But now, it's a piece of cake.
Here's how. The file can be undeletable because, it is either in use or it has been set with some special attributes.
Caution: make sure you really want to delete the file
There are different methods of doing this.

Method 1 - the notepad method
Notepad? Yes notepad. Some files can easily be deleted using notepad. Open notepad (start > all programs > accessories > notepad).

Now click file
and save. Don't worry about typing anything. Browse to the file you want to delete and click on the file. Change the type of the file to all Files (under the
space for the name - where the name of the file should now appear). now click save. You should have a new file with the same name which can be easily
deleted normally with the normal method - if all things work well.

Method 2 - Command Prompt
Yes, that black window again. It's one great tool windows has - at least from where am standing. The notepad method is not
always efficient as should be expected (it looks too easy). open command prompt (start > all programs > accessories >
command prompt). type del /F  followed by the path to the file.

You can drag the file to the prompt window and the path is written there and press enter.
The file should be deleted all things being equal.

Method 3 - Command Prompt cum Task Manager
Most undeletable files are usually opened in explorer. Thus the file can only be deleted if it has been closed by explorer. We can close explorer
using the task manager and restart it after the delete. this makes the surety of the file getting deleted higher. Open command prompt.
Open task manager (Right click on the taskbar and click task manager).

 Go to the processes tab and end explorer.exe. This done, type
the above command DEL /F in the prompt and press enter. You can restart explorer by clicking on new task in the Applications
window of the task manager and typing in explorer.exe

There are also software that can be used. You can try unlocker and glary utilities

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