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Play a prank - My shortcuts dont work

What happens if you open your favorite program shorcut on the desktop and you receive a crazy message and your PC shuts down.

OK! It's not at all cool when you are at the receiving end; but when you are responsible for administering the prank, it can be so so GREAT. So we'll start by identifying the program that our target runs most frequently. I like using VLC or mozilla firefox. Most people run these programs very often.

So we take the shortcut of one of these programs (or any other shortcut).

1. Right

Play a prank - Swap the mouse buttons

I must admit, apart from a few other things, playing pranks is one of the most enjoyable feelings in the world. (Unless the joke is on you).

I will therefore like to make a distinction between a joke and wickedness. A prank when taken to the extreme and results in damage to another person is callous; wiping someone's hard disk clean is gross wickedness but hiding his data for a few minutes and restoring it after he "sweats" a little may pass for a prank.

OK! In this post, we are going to make the right mouse button act as the left and the left as the right. Imagine the look on your friend's face when he wakes up to see everything upside down.

Though this can be done in control panel under mouse settings but in this post, i'll show a .bat file method of doing it.

Copy the code below, paste it into notepad and save it with a .bat extension (e.g. swap.bat).

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Remove a 'virus' manually - Part Five

I have gone through a virus infection, so what?
This post is the fifth and last part of a series of posts on how to manually remove a malware from your computer.

So here we go, you have successfully removed the virus from your computer and you now have the opportunity to undo the changes it has done. You may not be able to undo all the changes but you can at least use the special "system files checker" feature (sfc /scannow)  that comes with the windows operating system to undo changes to some important windows file.

But wait a minute, before you do any of these changes, look for an antivirus and install on your system. Make sure you update it to its most recent virus definitions.

Remove a 'virus' manually - Part Four

Remove the culprit
This post is the fourth part of a series of posts on how to manually remove a malware from your computer.

If you have followed the earlier parts of this tutorials, the virus should be inactive now. We will therefore try to remove it from the system.

First step to do this is to find its location among all the files on the computer. That's near impossible, Right? Wrong!!!

From the second part of this tutorial, we learnt that the viruses (malware) make themselves active at every system start.

Remove a 'virus' manually - Part Three

Disable the malware
This post is the third part of a series of posts on how to manually remove a malware from your computer.

OK!, before we try to remove the malware, we should make sure it is disabled. We can do this by simply starting our computer in safe mode. This method works most of the time but some malware either disable safe mode or cause themselves to run even in safe mode. So, we'll do it this way:

Remove a 'virus' manually - Part Two

How viruses work
This post is the second part of a series of posts on how to manually remove a malware from your computer.

There are now lots of other malware which we usually call viruses. Real viruses must infect (copy themselves into other files on the computer). If they don't, they cannot merit the name 'virus'. Malware always have an action (payload) which they are executing now or at a later time.

Remove a 'virus' manually - Part One

This post is the first part of a series of posts on how to manually remove a malware from your computer.

An antivirus software which is up-to-date on its virus definitions is the safest, easiest and cost-effective means of ridding yourself of most malware. They come in handy when it comes to fighting malware - that's their job anyways - and it will be quite dangerous to operate your computer without a good antivirus software which you periodically update. Without this, you are at a greater risk of your PC getting infected or infested with malware. You then risk your sensitive data being stolen, destroyed or worse.

Enough of the preaching already!!! Lets get to work.