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Ewe Catholic Hymnal (Dziƒomɔ)

It's time to sing praises to the Lord. Sing praises to the Lord, who dwells in Zion, Declare among the people His deeds. Psalms 9:11
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This brought me to design a new app with hymns and prayers. The hymns are taken from the Ewe Catholic Hymnal, Dziƒomɔ.
This app contains all the hymns (including the latin hymns) in the Dziƒomɔ, the hymnal and prayer book for catholics who speak the Ewe language. It also contains some prayers from the Dziƒomɔ.

The app hopes to cater for people without the hymn book or who will prefer to use their smart phones for searching hymns rather than the hymnal since the app has greater flexibility of use compared to the hard copy of the hymn and prayer book. Some of the features included in the app are listed below.

List of hymns as they appear in the Dziƒomɔ

This app lists the hymns in order as they appear in the hard copy of the Dziƒomɔ. It does not only list the Ewe hymns but also the latin hymns that appear at the ending part of the Dziƒomɔ. The hymn number for each hymn is written right beside it. Just tap on any hymn to view the lyrics.

Search for hymns

That moment that you did not hear the MC mention the hymn number, you have the option of searching for any hymn using any word (or sentence) found within it. The search is so flexible that, spaces and accents do not matter. Even though it has a dedicated keyboard for Ewe, it accepts search for c, which is not found in the Ewe language, to mean ɔ. 
The search can be done using small or capital letters. The search bar also accepts hymn numbers. Type in the hymn number in the search bar to find the hymn with that number. Do well to use the custom keyboard that comes with the app.

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Custom Keyboard

The app spots its own custom keyboard that has the letters of the Ewe alphabet that do not appear on the default android English keyboard. This helps in entering such letters in the search box and any other place you need to enter letters of the Ewe alphabet. The keyboard by default shows only one row of keys. Accented characters can be shown by clicking the ellipses at the right of the keyboard.

Zoom Hymn and Prayer

When viewing hymns or prayers, you can zoom in and zoom out to the size you want. The zoom button is by default hidden. Once you tap on the screen whiles viewing a hymn, it is displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

Make Corrections to Hymns and Prayers

Even though the words of the hymns and prayers have been double checked, in case you still come across an error, you can make corrections to the words and submit them. Don't forget to reload the hymn or prayer after any edit. Also, you can add completely new prayers to those already added.

Add Favourites

You can mark prayers and hymns that you like to your list of favourite prayers and hymns. This enables you to access them all at one place.

Upload and Download Audios to hymns

You have the option to upload an audio for hymns. For hymns that have audios uploaded, you may download them and play them from within the app.

Share Hymns With Others

Love a hymn or prayer, feel free to share it with others using other app on your device. Share via email, instant messaging apps, bluetooth, etc. For the hymns with audio, you can also share the audio files with others.

Give Feedback

Help support the development and update of the app by giving feedback on app performance issues, Feature suggestions, crash reports, etc. Also do well to check for updates and rate the app.


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