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Few reason why your pc will freeze

Few reason why your pc will freeze

Its really annoying and quite a lot of "fun" to be using your pc and it suddenly freezes.
I feel like "Strangling" myself when this happens. Here are a few reason that this happens and how to solve them.

HARDWARE CONFLICTS - Yes, my pc is crashing frequently, it must be a bad RAM. This is possible, but before going through all the
worry of opening the case of your machine, first check for hardware conflicts. This usually occurs when two or more devices try to communicate through
 the same IRQ. If some hardware are not properly installed, they can use IRQ that is already in use by another device. when these two devices
are used at the same time, the pc is likely to crash.

The solution,
Check your device manager for any hardware conflicts. Components with problems are usually marked with a yellow exclamation triangle
Finding the problem device is the first step, you can reinstall the device to fix it.

SOFTWARE - Ok. There are loads of free software and trial shareware on the internet. Sometimes installing such software might not be a good idea.
The software installation can cause problems. If you do not trust the software's source, it is advisable not to install it.

The soltion
Uninstall the software that was most recently installed before the problem started. If your computer does not get to desktop mode,
you can try booting to safe mode and uninstalling the program. During boot up press F8 to enter safe mode. Alternatively, you can
use the most recent configurations when you strike the F8 key.

VIRUSES - don't shiver. Some of them are really "friendly". Apart from giving you a hard time using your pc, they might make you want to
commit suicide and get it done with. Scan all files that you put on your pc.

The solution
Get a good antivirus. There are some free ones and some of them quite good. You can try avast, kaspersky or AVG.
Keep your antivirus updated always and scan any file that you put on your pc. Most viruses today spread through usb drives. Disabling autorun
feature on all drives is a real saviour when an autorun virus is on the next usb device you insert. Run scans regularly. You can also schedule them
to run automatically.

HARD DISK - Most of us don't care what goes on in the computer as long as it comes on. Wait till the day it does not come on and we'll start
complaining. The hard disk can be the reason behind the crashing or freezing of your pc.

The solution
your harddisk should always be defragmented when the fragmentation goes above ten percent (10%). The chkdsk feature should be run regularly.
These can be done when you right click on your hard disk in My Computer and choose properties. You then choose tools under which you will
find the defragmentation option as well as the check disk options. You can use HDTune

THE RAM - A bad RAM can be a real problem. It means spending on another ram. The ram might not really be condemned. You should
first try detecting problems with the ram. The manufacturer's company should have some software which can do this. Windows vista and
windows 7 also have a memory diagnosis function that helps you check for errors with your computer memory.

The solution
get a software that can check your ram with and check for errors. You can try memtest. If this fails, try to see if you can get someone to fix
the current ram (if possible) or get a new one.

There are a host of other reasons behind crashing or freezing pcs. You can add them in your  comments

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