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How to hack Windows 7 Administrator Account

Disclaimer: You can't blame a drunk for spilling out rubbish, can you? Use at your own peril. ;)

There are times when you forget your password and cannot access your windows 7 system, or you need to install a software but you do not have the right privileges to do so. Maybe you just need to prove to your friends that you are the greatest hacker of all time, or you are absolutely up to no good and feel like hacking into a windows 7 machine. Here's how:

Boot a PC From Live CD or Live Pen Drive

At times, it becomes necessary to boot your computer from a pen drive or compact disc. This may happen when you need to recover files, test an operating system without installation or tweak some system files.

Hackers may also access your computer files without your knowledge by using a bootable media other than your hard drive to access them. In this way, they avoid most security features you may have set using your operating system. Some of my favourite methods of booting from a pen drive or CD are listed below: