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Rename multiple files

Rename multiple files

At times, we may want to rename some files in a single
click to have names that follow each other. It is quite easy to do this.
First, you highlight all the files that you want to rename

Then you press F2 (function key 2)
this makes one of the names editable.

Next, enter your desired name for the file group (e.g. my files)
Press "Enter" or click on the white space.

You've finished and the files will be named with the name
you gave with increasing numbers following them



One important tool in windows that can be used for a variety of
fun things is the command prompt. It's that "black window"
that present some stuff like C:\> and a little something else.

Now, there are a couple of ways to open this prompt and get all
the goodies it comes with.

Method 1:

You can access the command prompt by clicking on run and typing
in the dialog box that appears the word cmd or cmd.exe
this opens the command prompt window

The run dialog can also be accessed by clicking the windows
key and pressing the R key alongside.

Method 2:

If y…

How to really hide your important files

Sometimes, getting people not to see "those" files can be really hard. They keep coming across them no matter how well you attempt to hide them. Some ways we hide them is to keep them in folders with"warning names", or folders which are kept in some system directories like the windows and the program files directories.

Ever wondered how you can keep folders on your desktop and nobody can access them or even delete them?    OK. this is how.

Method 1

You can use "that black window", the command prompt to make the files hidden.
You can right click and hide it as well. But anybody can just un-hide them.
OK, we'll make them system files. This way, they cannot be seen even if the person clicks on show hidden files in folder options. Here's how...

Open command prompt and type this: attrib +r +s +h +a and type a space.

You can the…

Few reason why your pc will freeze

Few reason why your pc will freeze
Its really annoying and quite a lot of "fun" to be using your pc and it suddenly freezes.
I feel like "Strangling" myself when this happens. Here are a few reason that this happens and how to solve them.

HARDWARE CONFLICTS - Yes, my pc is crashing frequently, it must be a bad RAM. This is possible, but before going through all the
worry of opening the case of your machine, first check for hardware conflicts. This usually occurs when two or more devices try to communicate through
 the same IRQ. If some hardware are not properly installed, they can use IRQ that is already in use by another device. when these two devices
are used at the same time, the pc is likely to crash.

The solution,
Check your device manager for any hardware con…


Is the task manager grayed out? The task manager you used
to access, now you are told it has been disabled by your
administrator. Who the h*ll is the administrator.

Don't worry about who the admin is. Fix it. 
How? here:

You will need to access the registry. You are wondering
"Can i do this?". Yes you can.
Afraid to touch the registry? try another method of doing this.

1. Click start button

2. Click on run

3. Type regedit and click OK
You should see the picture below, or a look alike

Back up the registry before anything since this area
is not for "us children".

4. If you've backed up, go to HKEY_C…


Wake up one morning and the windows task manager is greyed out.
Ctrl + Alt + Del won't work. Oh God, do i have to reformat?
Definitely not. There is a way to re enable it.

In windows XP professional, vista and windows 7

1. Click run in the start menu (or windows key + R) and

2. type gpedit.msc, then click on OK

3. Select user configuration

4. Then select Administrative templates

5. Select System

6. select Ctrl + Alt + Delete options

7. Double click on the remove task manager option

8. Set the value todisabled by clicking the check box

this should solve the problem. once the problem is solved, update
your antivirus and spyware r…

Delete an undeletable file

"Why won't this f*cking file just delete? I've tried everything and it's still showing here." That was me some years ago. But now, it's a piece of cake.
Here's how. The file can be undeletable because, it is either in use or it has been set with some special attributes.
Caution: make sure you really want to delete the file
There are different methods of doing this.

Method 1 - the notepad method
Notepad? Yes notepad. Some files can easily be deleted using notepad. Open notepad (start > all programs > accessories > notepad).

Now click file
and save. Don't worry about typing anything. Browse to the file you want to delete and click on the file. Change the type of the file to all Files (under the
space for the name - where the name of the file should now appear). now click save. You should have a …



How to change the start menu text "start" in windows xp

How to change the start menu text "start" in windows XP

How would it feel like to customize windows on your PC just as you like it? The "Start" on the taskbar doesn't always have to be start.
It can as well be your name (or any other text you want). All you have to do is get this software : Resource hacker. Those already
Complaining about paying for downloads, it's my pleasure to tell you that it is free. You can get it here. It is
a small archive that can do wonderful things. Things can go quite wrong so you first have to back up the file explorer.exe
in the windows folder.You also have to back up your registry since you will do a little change to it.

OK. let's get started. Open resource hacker.exe and click on file. Browse to the windows directory and select explorer.exe.
You shoul…

How to install windows 7 using a usb pen drive

Ever wondered, how to install windows 7 while your disk drive is malfunctioning, or you just
don't like to buy a disk? I'll tell you: to h*ll with the disk drive. Use your pen drive in these easy steps.

Windows 7 and windows vista have a file Bootsect.exe. that's the deal. This file creates a boot sector
on any drive specified. This is a great tool that can help us install windows vista or windows 7 using a pen
drive or other media. Be reminded this works only if your BIOS supports boot from USB.

Using a pen drive with capacity of 4GB or above, you will first need to format the pen drive in NTFS format.
This you have to do at the dos prompt. Run command prompt as administrator.
You can do this by right clicking and clicking "run as administrator", or press and hold
control and shift and double click command prompt, or better still navigate into s…