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Sunday, March 27, 2016

WhatsApp File SharerSharer Pro

This is the professional version of the WhatsApp File Sharer android app which enables you to send files of any type via WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, the free version does not allow the sending of files larger than the WhatsApp file size limit which is 15MB.

The pro version however does not have that limitation; it allows you to send files and folders of any size.

Additionally, the pro version allows you to send multiple files at once and also folders. All files sent using the pro version can be received using the free version.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

WhatsApp File Sharer

Recently, WhatsApp added the functionality of sending documents (PDF, docx, txt, etc) via the app to users using an updated version of the app. This feature, I must say, is very cool.

I have developed an app which allows you to do about the same thing, only that, you can send any file type including PDFs. One advantage of using this app is that, the recipient of the file does not need an updated version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp File Sharer

Even though WhatsApp tries to allow users to send files, it does not accept all kinds of files. This app sends files of any type to other whatsapp users or groups. 

It comes in handy when you like to send a zip file, an exe, an apk or even files accepted by WhatsApp.

The files are sent as an image and the recipient can extract them using the same app. The best part about this is the app is free to use with no strings attached. Get your copy on google play now.

Download from play store
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Consider getting the pro version which enables you to send files of larger sizes, multiple files and folders at a go.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

How to hack Windows 7 Administrator Account

Disclaimer: You can't blame a drunk for spilling out rubbish, can you? Use at your own peril. ;)
There are times when you forget your password and cannot access your windows 7 system, or you need to install a software but you do not have the right privileges to do so. Maybe you just need to prove to your friends that you are the greatest hacker of all time, or you are absolutely up to no good and feel like hacking into a windows 7 machine. Here's how: