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Saturday, April 26, 2014

[FIX] Bluestacks Error–Your Graphics Driver Seems to be Out of Date…

Recently, i tried installing Bluestacks Android App player on my Dell PC. Although the installation was successful, i got the error: Your graphics driver seems to be out-of-date. Bluestacks requires updated drivers to run. Update now?

I was quite alarmed because i had already updated my drivers from the Dell Website. Bluestacks however downloaded some drivers for me and those couldn’t install on my machine. Updating from Device Manager didn’t worked either. I was only told i had the best driver for my device.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

E-Franchise is Born

After all this while, the Electronic Voting software i had been developing is now ready for testing. I was able to implement a couple of other vote types.

I made one that would take care of cases in which you have options and the user would have to rate them in the order of preference. This is made typically to cater for cases when you might want to see the opinion of the user on which product is the most preferred or the least preferred. In E-Franchise, i dubbed this Scale of Preference.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Electronic Voting Application

Hey guys, I thought about the problems that usually crop up in paper voting and decided to implement the voting system in software. The project is ongoing but i would also like to know what functionality you would expect in your ideal electronic voting software.

Currently, the program runs the kind of voting where people stand for a particular office and one person is voted by the voters for each office (An Election).

I hopes to implements other vote kinds later. In the mean time, you can send your suggestions as to what to add or remove to make it an ideal program.