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Problems with java and javac commands? Do the following

This is a branch from the usual discussion about java. You don’t really need this if you didn’t have any errors when executing the java –version and javac –version commands in the last post. You probably also don’t need it if you’re using an IDE since the commands are run internally for you. Now, let’s start sorting things out.
The windows command prompt has inbuilt commands. You can also run other executables from the command line as long as the command prompt knows where to find the executables. In order to find the executables, it searches the current directory in which you are and also the path (which is just a list of directories you specify). If the javac –version command doesn’t run, it is likely you have not included it in your path. Let’s do that now.
Even though I strongly advise you to do this yourself by following either method 1 or 2, I have included a small utility written in python to search for your java installation and add it to the path for you. You can find this in m…

My Java Journey–Installing the necessary software

This is part of the series of posts on My Java Journey. In order to follow the discussions, please do well to read the previous post before proceeding to this one. If you haven’t read any of the posts, I encourage you to start here.

Before we begin some real work, we have to make sure all necessary software are properly installed and configured. I’ll take you through the installation of the Java Development Kit (JDK 9) and Eclipse IDE on Windows. Unfortunately, I will not cover installation on Mac or Linux. I will however provide some links below the post that will guide the users of Mac or Linux to install the necessary software.

Installing the JDK (6 minutes) If you haven’t downloaded the JDK already (I wonder what you’re waiting for), go ahead and download it from here.
Below are the screens you will see during the installation process. I advise you keep the default settings unless you know what you are doing.

1. Launch the installer and press yes when prompted for user account co…

My Java Journey - What you need

Welcome to the third post in this series of posts that attempts to introduce the beginner to programming using Java. Before you get started, I hope you have read the previous write-up about what Java is.

Any way, I have some Good news - Everything you need to write programs in Java can be obtained free online.

Text Editor
You will need a text editor to type the instructions that the computer will execute as your program. These instructions that you type are called your source code. The text editor you need here must be a plain text editor. In other words, it should not be able to add text formatting like bolding, italicizing and underlining. On a windows machine, you can use notepad. It is not advisable to use rich text editors like Wordpad, MS Word, Text Edit(Mac), etc. If it becomes crucial to your health that you should use one of those, please remember not to format the text and save it as plain text.

There are however some specialised text editors that make programming easier. No…

My Java Journey - What is Java?

This is the second post from a series of posts about my personal journey with Java. If you haven’t read the first post and the disclaimer, you can do that now.
See how people use different languages in speaking with each other? Well, Java is a language that computers speak among many other languages. This is not entirely true. If you could hear two computers speaking, you will probably hear something like 01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 … – just a series of zeroes and ones - and that won’t make lots of sense. This series of zeroes and ones is known as binary.
Humans need to be able to speak in this way in order to speak to or instruct computers to perform tasks (programming). Due to the difficulty in this, other computer languages were developed that closely resemble human language. Java is just one example of such a language. Others are C++, C, Python, Perl, Ruby, Ada, JavaScript and PHP. Hundreds of programming languages exist.

Normally, computers will not be able to under…

My Java Journey – Intro

This is a series of posts which will attempt to introduce my cherished readers to the Java programming language. I started learning java a couple of years ago. Although it wasn’t easy at first, I think it was worth it.

Disclaimer: I am no expert at Java or any other programming language and therefore not remotely an authority in those regards. Actually I’m a nutritionist. Seriously. All I will be saying in this series of posts are from my thick head and from things I have read during my Java journey.

Advice: Eat fresh and neatly washed fruits and vegetables, drink loads of water, otherwise, you’ll start writing crazy stuff like I am doing now. The first time I saw a computer was when I was 13 years (I’m from that part of the world ), and gosh, it was love at first sight. I was mostly fascinated about that little arrow (which I later heard was called a cursor) that moved on a screen according to the movement of a small device on the table. I got hooked. I enrolled for a class in which …

Status Grabber

A feature was recently introduced into WhatsApp which allows your contacts to upload images and videos as status messages. These images and videos automatically disappear after 24 hours. The only way you could see them again is if the uploader re-uploads it or sends it to you.
Status Grabber is an app which automatically saves all the lovely statuses that you view in WhatsApp. This allows you to watch them at any time you want. You can perform many actions actions with this images and videos that are saved with this app including using them as your WhatsApp profile or background picture, contact photo, etc.

Ewe Catholic Hymnal (Dziƒomɔ)

It's time to sing praises to the Lord. Sing praises to the Lord, who dwells in Zion, Declare among the people His deeds. Psalms 9:11

This brought me to design a new app with hymns and prayers. The hymns are taken from the Ewe Catholic Hymnal, Dziƒomɔ.
This app contains all the hymns (including the latin hymns) in the Dziƒomɔ, the hymnal and prayer book for catholics who speak the Ewe language. It also contains some prayers from the Dziƒomɔ.

The app hopes to cater for people without the hymn book or who will prefer to use their smart phones for searching hymns rather than the hymnal since the app has greater flexibility of use compared to the hard copy of the hymn and prayer book. Some of the features included in the app are listed below.