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make a folder that cannot be deleted

Ever mistakenly deleted some important files? Ever wanted to
prevent mistaken deletion of some files? Ever tried to make the folder  undeletable? - and all this without any success? The "saviour" is here now.

Try to create a folder normally with any of these
 name: con, aux, lpt1 - lpt9.
You should realize that it is not possible in explorer

To make a folder undeletable in windows
(no matter the version). follow
these steps:

  1. Open the "black window" (Command Prompt).
  2. To learn how to do this,
  3. see how to access the command prompt.
2. To make a directory/folder in command prompt,
the command to use is mkdir or md. Assumming the disk on which am creating the folder is E:, i type mkdir \\.\E:\con and press enter

3. Now, you have an undeletable folder into which
you can securely keep
important file (even XXX file, lol).

4. Try to delete this folder by right clicking
and pressing delete.
You'll see this is not possible

Learn how to delete this folder or Another way to make this folder

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