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Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to make the "CON" folder

The name con, lpt1, aux and a dozen other names are
reserved for some windows stuff. So we are not allowed to
make folders with these names.

A folder made with this name
is not deletable, since the system sees it to be in use by a device
connected with the system, like printers or other.

Nevertheless, there are ways to make folders with these names
this is one way to  do this in explorer.

Step 1: Create a folder as normal.

step 2: Right click on the folder and click on rename

Step 3: Do this key combination : alt 0160

Step 3: Enter the name con,aux or any of the reserved names

Step 4: Press enter and you're done

Only that a folder created this way can be deleted normally

Learn how to create an undeletable con folder