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How to restore a registry back up

Editing the registry is quite dangerous and before we do that,
we should usually back up the registry. If we realize that
all did not go well after changing things with the registry,
This is how we restore the previous version that we
backed up.

Locate the file that you saved. It should have a .reg
extension. You can search for it by using the
*.reg wildcard in the search dialog box.

Double click on the file. This should bring up a prompt
for you to confirm that you want to add the keys
in the file to the registry.

NB: It is not advisable to add just any registry keys to the

Confirm the prompt if you are sure you really want to restore
the previous version.

If all things go well, You should see anothe prompt telling
you that the keys in the selected file were successfully added.

ALTERNATIVELY, you can open the registry

In the file menu, Click on import. This opens a dialog box
in which you enter the place you want to open
the back up registry file from.

Select a file, and click OK.
A prompt will inform you if you were successful or not
You're done. You can now edit the registry.

Happy tweaking

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