Make Money

Make money easily and genuinely online without resoting to cyber fraud

Money seems to be hard to come by these days.
who at all is hoarding all the money? well, we can also make our money the easy way we know, using the computer.
By this, I do not in any way suggest internet/cyber fraud. there are genuine ways of making money online.
1. affiliate programs - these programs pay you for directing people to them. some pay when the people click on a link. you can go here for some a start.

2. upload files - upload all sorts of files to the net and get payed when someone downloads them. yeah, that easy. some sites restrict the types of files. you can try at sharecash
3. get paid to take surveys - big companies will really want to know how to get even bigger and will like to hear their consumers assessments. most of these companies pay you to take surveys. you can start at toluna or daily surveypanel.

these are some ways you can make money online, just you and your pc. sharewith others.

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