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Meet The Command Prompt - An Overview

The command prompt is a simple utility in the windows operating system. This utility, though powerful, is not usually used by most people because it does not provide the fancy graphical user interface that most of us are used to: buttons, combo boxes, icons, etc. However, there are a lot of tasks that can be accomplished by using the command prompt which can not be done (or at least, easily done) with the default windows system unless a third party software is used.

As an example, consider creating an undeletable file using the command prompt. This task is easily accomplished with the command prompt but cannot easily be done in explorer.
The command prompt works by the user typing in commands. A prompt is provided in the form of C:\Users\Staphy> depending on how the command prompt is run (with administrator privileges or not) and on the user name. There are lots of commands that can used at this prompt.

One power of the command prompt is the ability to write your own programmes in simple text. You don't have to be a programmer to do this. All it takes is knowing how to use the commands. The programs you write are put in batch files.

Future posts will explain the use of some of these commands. In the mean time, you can different ways to access the command prompt

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