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Meet The Command Prompt - The Help Command

One command that comes in handy when using the command prompt is the help command. It lists the commands that are accepted in the version of the command prompt accompanied with a short explanation of their functions.
The explanations don't tell you how the commands should be used. The use of each command can be found out be typing HELP, followed by the command we are interested in.
For example,
help dir

This command will give help information on how to use the dir command; the arguments it takes, different switches and what they do.

Unless your head can take a full encyclopaedia, and you can memorise how to use all the commands, this command is one you will use quite frequently.

There are some commands that are not listed in the command window when you type help - the ipconfig and tracert commands for instance. Some of these commands do not work with the help command. Instead, you may have to type the command followed by a backslash and a question mark.
For example,

Go ahead and find out the various commands that are available in your version of the command prompt.

Note however that, the commands are not case sensitive. You can type them in either capital or small letters.

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