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Meet The Command Prompt - Batch Files

The fact that you do not know C++, Java, Python or any other programming language does not mean you cannot write programmes. You can write simple batch files to automate some actions on your own system and you can even give it to friends.

Batch files may be an alternative if your command prompt is disabled, either by a malware or by an administrator. Note however that, batch files can themselves be malware, causing havoc on your system.
For that matter, before you run a batch file which you did not create yourself (or is not from a trusted source), open it and read the contents and make sure it performs no unwanted actions.
batch files are made with a simple text editor (preferably notepad).

You do not need any formatting. The commands are typed in this file, each command on a new line, in the order they are to be executed. The file is then saved with a .bat extension.
I must admit that batch files come in handy in playing pranks on unsuspecting victims. lol.

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