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Protect your pc from autorun viruses

Most viruses today in windows exploit the auto run/auto-play feature that comes with windows. When you insert a pen drive or other removable media, the program (maybe a virus or other malware) automatically executes causing it to "do it's work of destruction" to your system.
If your antivirus does not detect it, then have a virus day but if it does, lucky you. i always loved the Prevention is better than cure saying.
Here's how to prevent computer viruses from automatically affecting your system.

Method 1
Use a USBscanner that automatically scans any media inserted and blocks potentially harmful malware. I will recommend USB disk security
(not because they pay me, cos they don't,
but because it has helped me a lot, lol). 
A Google search should
give you other candidates if you don't want my suggestions.
These software have ways to immunize your system and media from autorun malware. This can give you some protection

Method 2.
The auto-run feature on windows shouldn't have even be put there in the first
place. If you barely use it, or if you would like to increase your chances of having
a virus free PC. disable it.
Learn how to disable auto-run in windows vista or windows 7.
this will prevent the malware from even running in the first place

Method 3
Update the USB drivers. What the he**? Yes. you have to do that to be on the safer side. Better be safer than sorry.

Does your computer have an auto-run virus and you want to remove it,
Learn how to do it here.

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