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Get any windows xp password

It depends on when your windows OS password was setup during or after windows setup. if it was after, follow the following steps: 

1. Start your computer in safe mode 

2. If you are not logged in automatically and still asked for a password, type ADMINISTRATOR in the username field and leave the password field empty. 

3. Press enter (or click OK - that's obvious) and you are in. 

( See my post of starting your PC in safe mode for help here)

If your password was setup during installation, or the above method does not work, follow these: 

1. Download any password recovery software. a Google search will lead you, but i recommend ophcrack. 

2. If the system is on the desktop, install the app and crack the password (read the apps documentation) 

3.If not, you can use a live CD or USB to run the program. ophcrack provides one. 

If none of these work, get a bucket of water and drop the PC into it. hahahaha, just kidding, but you can try it (@ your own risk.)

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