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Make pen drives perform faster and better

At times, copying files to and from our USB pen drives takes too much time and we wish we could just lift them and place on the other drive. 

There are ways to increase the speed of a USB pen drive. 

Below are a couple of them: 

  • The OS comes with drivers for pen drives. for increased performance, the drivers made by the pen drive manufacturers should be installed. the manufacturer's website should have the drivers for download. 
  • Also, you can optimize a pen drive for performance instead of for quick removal. To do this, 
    • 1. Open my computer (windows key + e) 
    • 2. Right click on the pen drive and click properties 
    • 3. Go to the hardware tab and double click your pen drive name 
    • 4. Click policies 
    • 5. Select optimize for performance. 
    • 6. Apply the changes and you are done. another way is to use a USB2.0 port. (change the USB port in which the drive is if you don't know if it is USB2.0. 
  • you can also check your media for errors, correct them and De-fragment it (if there are no errors that were not repaired).

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