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Meet the command prompt - the RD command

Like the CD and MD command, the RD command also has a twin. Its twin is the RMDIR command. These commands are for deleting directories.

To delete a directory using this command, just type MD followed by the name of the directory to be deleted. If the directory to be deleted is not in the current working directory, you may need to specify its full path, or change the working directory.

Using the command this way will fail if you intend to delete a folder that is not empty. To delete a non empty folder, you need to use the /s switch.
Using this switch deletes the directory specified and all files and folders it contains.

However, it prompts for confirmation. This may be unnecessary if you know what you are doing. The /q switch stifles any confirmation prompt. To delete everything on hard disk C: (please don't attempt this), you will only need to type,

rd /s /q c:

This can be used by malicious programmes to delete your important file, so make sure you know the source of a batch file before you run it, or read the contents carefully.

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