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Meet the command prompt - The color command

The command prompt window by default has a black background with a white foreground. Unfortunately, this scares some people. Some other person may want to write in a different color on a different background color. That is what the color command is for. The color command takes an argument or not.

When the color command is executed without an argument, it simply restores the color of the command interpreter to the initial color - that is the foreground and background that were used when you started the command interpreter.

What if we want to write in red color on a white background? To do this, the color command will take an argument which specifies both the background and foreground colors.
color 74
The above command will change the background to white and the letters to red.

The Color Command

The "7" in the above command specifies the background color and the "4" specifies the foreground color.

The possible colors for use are listed below

0     -    Black
1     -    Blue
2     -    Green   
3    -    Aqua
4    -    Red
5    -    Purple
6    -    Yellow
7    -    White
8    -    Gray   
9    -    Light Blue
A    -    Light Green
B    -    Light Aqua
C    -    Light Red   
D    -    Light Purple
E    -     Light Yellow
F    -    Bright White

Just remember that the background color comes first, followed by the foregroun
d color.

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