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Meet the command prompt - The CD command

When working in the windows command interpreter, there is always a current working directory. This is the directory that is shown at the prompt. In the screenshot below, the current directory is D:\Windows\system32. When a command is run with no arguments, it simply displays the current directory path.

Open the command prompt and simply type cd. You will see you current working directory displayed.

The CD command takes a path argument when you want to change the working directory. For example, to change the current working directory to the windows temporary directory, you can type something like 

cd %temp%  or
cd D:\Users\Staphy\AppData\Local\Temp
(depends on your operating system)

You may want to change the current directory if there are files in the new directory that you want to use.

There is another command quite like the CD command. This command, CHDIR, performs the same function as the cd command with only a subtle (in my opinion) difference.

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