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MMS Settings for GLO Ghana

MMS settings for GLO Ghana are just as easy to input as the internet settings. Note that, these settings will only work on an MMS enabled phone that uses the GLO Ghana network.

The specific procedure may vary from phone to phone, so these settings should be adapted to your phone.
To start, we'll set up a data account.

1. Go to services in your phone menu and select data account.

2. Add a new account or edit an existing account

3. Fill in these details
Proxy Name: GLO MMS
Access Point or APN: mms

4. Username: glo
    Password: glo

Next, we'll input the MMS settings

5. Go to MESSAGES in your phone menu, then MMS --> MMS SETTINGS -->PROXY SETTINGS
then select the SIM that corresponds to your GLO

6. Fill in the following details
Account name: GLO MMS
MMS Centre Address:
Data Account: (The one we created above - GLO MMS)
Connection Type: HTTP
         IP Address:
         Port: 8799
Username: glo
Password: glo

7. Save the settings and activate it.

Good luck!!!

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