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Boot a PC From Live CD or Live Pen Drive

At times, it becomes necessary to boot your computer from a pen drive or compact disc. This may happen when you need to recover files, test an operating system without installation or tweak some system files.

Hackers may also access your computer files without your knowledge by using a bootable media other than your hard drive to access them. In this way, they avoid most security features you may have set using your operating system. Some of my favourite methods of booting from a pen drive or CD are listed below:

Ubuntu Live CD/Pen Drive: You can run a full Ubuntu operating system from a pen drive without having to install it first. This helps you test the features to see if they suite you before installing. You can access the files on the hard disk of the computer on which you are running the Live CD.

Ophcrack Live Pen Drive: This is one of my preferred methods of accessing a computer avoiding most of the security put in place on your computer using  your operating system. Additionally, they can use the ophcrack software to crack your windows password.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery: This software recovers your deleted files and partitions. It runs on a pen drive that it makes bootable. This is to reduce the risk of overwriting files and making recovery less effective.

Various other methods exist. You can add your preferred methods in the comments below. Some applications of booting from live cd or pen drive include using it to hack windows 7 administrator account.

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