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Play a prank - Prevent some programs from running

Today, i was feeling quite in the mood for some pranks so guess what i did to my friend....

I made him feel his computer had gone crazy . This is what i did. Knowing his favourite programs,
I made a little script that stops any of those programs when he runs them. Because of this, no matter which of those program he tries to run, he comes back to square. Fortunately for me, he's not the kind of person that will think of opening task manager or even starting in safe mode. the truth is even when he opens task manager, he wouldn't know what to do there.

This is how i did it. I made a list of his favourite programs and got their process names (how they appear in task manager process list).

my list was like this

task manager................taskmgr.exe

The list goes on. So i put every thing in a batch file and made it to autostart when windows starts. This makes it run no matter how many times my guy restarts his computer. Copy  the bolded code and paste it into notepad and save it with a .bat extension. and set it to autostart

taskkill /f /IM taskmgr.exe /IM vlc.exe /IM firefox.exe /IM supercopier2.exe
goto loop

Replace the program names with the programs you would not like your target to run.

Remember not to cross the line between a prank and a wickedness.
This can be stopped by ending it's process in process explorer, or renaming the program you want to run.
e.g. Rename vlc.exe to something like vlc2.exe. It will execute as normal

Happy pranking!!!!!

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