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Play a prank - disable desktop icons

In this trick, we are going to make the a computer user unable to click on any of his desktop icons (or so it will seem). We are going to do this by changing the background.
This will cause the user to think his computer has a problem since everything will look the same, only that he/she cannot click on his icons.

  • Press the print screen button (This will capture the image of the screen. You can also use any other screen capture program)
  • Open Paint (Windows key + R)
  • Paste the captured image into it and save it (remember not to change the size of the image, but you can crop the taskbar out to allow the use of the taskbar)
  • The last step is hiding the real icons.
    • Right click on the desktop
    • Click on view
    • Click on the show desktop icons menu item to disable it
 What happens is when the user clicks on any icon on the desktop, the program does not open because those are not real icons. This looks quite fun if the screen capture contains an error message dialog box. Just remember not to cross that neat little line between a prank and wickedness.

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