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Use your China phone as a modem

China phones come with quite some ability as well. Those using "original phones" are not the only ones who can benefit from nice phone features. One such feature is the ability to connect a china phone to your PC as a modem and browse.
This is a feature that comes with most china phones but not all. Does your phone support use as a modem? Find out by just connecting your phone using your USB to a PC. If there is a "COM PORT" option, you're good to glow, otherwise, sorry.

Now i assume your phone supports this feature. Follow the steps below to use it as a modem

  1. Find the version of your phone
    • Connect your phone to your PC and choose mass storage
    • At the notifications icon area (where the time is), the computer will try to identify the device. See the name the computer identifies the device with (Usually starts with MT).
  2. Download the driver of your phone type from the link below.
  3. Install the driver
    • Extract the driver from its archive into a folder on your PC
    • Connect your phone to the PC and choose com port
    • A window would pop up for you to install the software
    •  Direct the wizard to the driver directory
    • The wizard will search for the right driver and install.
  4. Open the phone suite program and create a new connection
  5. Facebook until you're........................................ lol

That's that. The drivers can be found using the links below


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