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SA File Sharer - Say goodbye to file size limits

Introducing the new SA File Sharer. This app was developed to make file sharing easier through the most used instant messaging application, WhatsApp. Due to the limitations on the sizes of files that can be sent through WhatsApp, SA file sharer imposed those limitations on its users.
Main Screen

Finally, the days for those limitations are over. Users can now share Gigabytes of data if they want to. How? Its simple. The latest version of SA File Sharer breaks your files into multiple pieces which it then sends to the recipient(s). At the recipient's side, the files are rejoined together into the original form. 

One other limitation posed by the instant messaging app is that, you can send only ten media at a time. For this, SA File Sharer sends files larger than 1GB in groups of 10 chunks each. 

Send Huge Files
with SA File Sharer

To avoid misuse (and earn some coins :) as well), Users only have a default of 300MB to share. Sad right?, Wrong. Users have the option to earn more Megabytes by performing simple task, like visiting a site or downloading some wonderful games or watching some great videos. The amount of Megabytes you earn so far is shown at the top of the app in Yellow. 

To sweeten things a bit more, everyone starts with a 100 extra Megabytes. You can earn more by clicking on your current earnings and choosing "Earn megabytes" from the options. 

Get your copy of SA File sharer now, Earn those Megabytes and start sharing those large Programs and Videos we all love

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