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How to use the WhatsApp File Sharer app

The WhatsApp file sharer app enables you to share any type of file via WhatsApp. The following is a short information on how to make the best use of it.

After installation, launch the app
there are two tabs, the SEND and RECEIVE tabs
to send a file, you should use the send tabs
the files you receive show up in the received tabs

1. Launch the app and swipe to the SEND tab if it doesn't already open
2. Tap on the SELECT button. This opens up a file browser from which you select the file you wish to send
3. Tap the SEND button. WhatsApp is automatically launched
4. Select the contact or group you wish to send the file to and tap send

1. Launch the app and swipe to the RECEIVED tab
2. The file shows there with the WhatsApp-assigned file name. All files already extracted show up with a green tick, otherwise, it comes with a red cross
3. To recheck for new files, over-swipe down or click the REFRESH icon on the action bar.
4. Tap on the file you wish to retrieve. A pop-up menu appears
5. Tap the EXTRACT option.
6. The file is extracted into the folder you specified for extraction (The default extraction folder is your pictures folder/SWFS/extracted)
7. Open up your file manager and locate the file

There are some settings that can be changed. The folder into which extracted files will be stored, the text used to prompt the recipient that he has received an embedded file, and the image into which the file is to be embedded.

1. Tap settings from within the app
2. Tap the EXTRACTED FILES DIRECTORY setting (This opens up a file browser)
3. Select the folder you wish the extracted files are stored into and tap SELECT button at the bottom

1. Tap settings from within the app
2. Tap the DISPLAY TEXT setting
3. Enter the text you wish to be shown on the image to prompt the user
4. Tap OK

1. Tap settings from within the app
2. Tap on the IMAGE TO USE setting. This opens a document browser
3. Tap on the image you will like to use.

Still have any issues on how to use this app, please contact me or post a comment below and help will come as soon as possible.

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