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[FIX] Bluestacks Error–Your Graphics Driver Seems to be Out of Date…

Recently, i tried installing Bluestacks Android App player on my Dell PC. Although the installation was successful, i got the error: Your graphics driver seems to be out-of-date. Bluestacks requires updated drivers to run. Update now?

I was quite alarmed because i had already updated my drivers from the Dell Website. Bluestacks however downloaded some drivers for me and those couldn’t install on my machine. Updating from Device Manager didn’t worked either. I was only told i had the best driver for my device.
And what did i do next? I searched online (as you are currently doing) and the easiest solution i found was a registry edit. This makes Bluestacks skip checking for out of date display drivers.
Already willing to try? Download this zip file containing this .reg file. Add the keys to the registry by double clicking it. Confirm when prompted. You’re done.
Another way is to add the keys manually.
  1. Open the registry editor (Press windows key + R, Type regedit, Press enter)
  2. Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android\Config
  3. Right Click on the space to the right and choose new > DWORD (32- bit) value
  4. Right Click on the new DWORD and choose modify
  5. Give it a value name of SkipGraphicsDriverCheck
  6. And a decimal value of 1
  7. Click OK.
You can also copy the bolded text below, paste in a text editor, and save with a .reg extension. Double click to install
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

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