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E-Franchise is Born

After all this while, the Electronic Voting software i had been developing is now ready for testing. I was able to implement a couple of other vote types.

I made one that would take care of cases in which you have options and the user would have to rate them in the order of preference. This is made typically to cater for cases when you might want to see the opinion of the user on which product is the most preferred or the least preferred. In E-Franchise, i dubbed this Scale of Preference.
Another vote type that i was able to implement is a Grading system. In this system, the user (voter) would choose among a list of options what he feels about a topic. For instance:

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeUndecidedAgreeStrongly Agree
The president is the person i admire most
I would do anything to spend some time with the president

The user votes for one item in each category.

For security reasons, i also implemented a way to verify the authenticity of the voter. Since this may differ from one vote to another, i made this extendable. By default, i have written two methods which attempt to verify that the voter is a human and not a computer. I use simple Captcha verification ad an Arithmetic verification which asks the user a simple Math question. The voter is only allowed if he/she passes authentication. You can easily extend this to include a thumbprint verification to suite your vote.

The user interface might not be that beautiful, maybe too simple, but i made it that way to ensure ease of use.

Here are a couple of screen shots

Server Main Screen

Client Program Main Screen

Program Icon

Note also that, the program is currently in beta stage (still under development and may not perform well). Get a copy at cnet and try it out.

View a detailed help information here

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