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I just love computers

At times, i am tempted to say i love computers even more than human beings because computers tend to treat us better than our fellow humans.

For instance, try booting a fellow human and you will get a dirty slap in the minimum, but boot a computer and it will gladly tell you......

Moreover, most (if not all) humans are quite stingy with the holes they have on their bodies, but a computer allows universal access to its holes, usb port, ethrenet port, (You name them). Just make sure it fits.

Unlike humans, computers very much support of many life forms. they help small ones likes bacteria and viruses to thrive. larger ones like worms find a home in computers. they don't stop there, they even house horses (Trojan horses). in this 21st century, i think they are considering adopting whales as well. glory to malware programmers. humans have tried but could only reach the worm level.

Computers have many wonderful behaviours, just exploit them.


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