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Remove a 'virus' manually - Part One

This post is the first part of a series of posts on how to manually remove a malware from your computer.

An antivirus software which is up-to-date on its virus definitions is the safest, easiest and cost-effective means of ridding yourself of most malware. They come in handy when it comes to fighting malware - that's their job anyways - and it will be quite dangerous to operate your computer without a good antivirus software which you periodically update. Without this, you are at a greater risk of your PC getting infected or infested with malware. You then risk your sensitive data being stolen, destroyed or worse.

Enough of the preaching already!!! Lets get to work.

So you want to be a human antivirus. No worry, I'll show you how - my own way. This is going to be involving. Don't like the idea? Get an antivirus and get out of this page (no hard feelings). Am ready when you are, click away to part two of this tutorial and lets read a little about how malware (viruses) work.

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