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Is your anti virus reaaly working? Find out.

Computer malware are becoming increasingly common, antivirus software are becoming even more common. But the question is are these antiviruses strong enough to detect malware?
There is one sure way to find out; give your antivirus a virus to scan, if it detects it, you're safe, if not..........

Here's how

1. Copy the following code and paste it in notepad.


2. Save the file with a dot com extension (e.g

3. If your antivirus does not detect it automatically, scan it.

4. Put the created file in an archive (rar, zip, 7zip, etc) and scan it.

5. Your antivirus should be able to detect it as a virus, if it is a "good" antivirus.

NB: This file is not a real virus and is not expected to harm your computer in any way. This is called the EICAR antivirus test.

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